I’m journaling again. It’s something I’ve done on and off for over 30 years.

I’ve gone years writing almost every day and also taken a year here and a month there not writing anything at all. I write in my journal when I’m called to and find it’s one of the most powerful ways I practice self-care. Without fail, journaling almost always improves my mood, leaving me feeling calmer, more connected and compassionate with myself.

My latest journaling prompt is this one: ‘I know my life is meaningful because…’ I think I could write to this prompt for the rest of my life and perhaps I will.

Today I wrote: “I know my life is meaningful because I live intentionally, I consciously name and then recall my intention as I move through my day.  Before I walk into my office I spend a few moments bringing to mind the reasons why I do this work – to practice compassion, service to others, and to promote change – both within myself and for other women.

As I lay on my mat in yoga class I find my intention for this class – to reconnect my breath and body. Earlier in the year I set the intention to spend more time being quiet with a warm cup of tea or a book in my hand and I find I’m spending this kind of quiet, cozy time with myself more frequently.

I also set the intention to practice gratitude before I lay down at night and I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about all of the hearts I am connected to and how grateful I am to have so many pieces of people’s lives intertwined with my story.

My life is meaningful because I live it intentionally.

Can you relate?

Perhaps take a few moments right now and write one or two words in response to “I know my life is meaningful because….” I’d be honoured if you chose to share them too.

With great warmth


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