Oh, this is SO me at the moment. I am glad I am learning to kindly laugh at myself when I do this, because it is pretty often.

My daily practice is to enjoy my life exactly as it is, today! Take time to write my daily gratitude list, take in the goodness that is already in my life, appreciate the beauty that is all around me, feel satisfied with where I am at and celebrate the little things.

And then I notice it…that quiet (or sometimes not so quiet) voice that goes “I can’t wait until I am on holidays”, “I can’t wait until the Conscious Woman online training Program launches”, “I can’t wait until the weather is warm again” (it’s getting cool over here in Australia!), “I can’t wait until my son has finished his exams”, “I can’t wait until my partner cooks me dinner”, “I can’t wait until I am not so busy” (even though I am the only one that can change that!) and on and on it goes.

And yes, I love that I am excited about these things happening in the future but it can seriously rip me off from feeling happy right now. My head can spend so much time in the future (or in the past) instead of being deeply present and appreciative of the present. Even when times are tough, I am practicing just staying with myself and gently holding myself through whatever is tough, appreciating whatever it is that life wants to show me, in the present, rather than trying to run away into the future. I am thankful it is just a practice…because I do it oh so imperfectly. But I don’t want to spend my whole life in “I’ll be happy when”.

May we all find a little happiness and gratitude for our life, as it is right now.

With great warmth


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