For me the heart of this quote goes to my attitude towards what it is I want to change about myself.

If my attitude is ‘I need to fix this’, ‘this HAS to change before I can (you fill in the blank)’ then I’m coming from a place of self-criticism.

Instead when I have an attitude of compassion, of care, of friendliness towards the part that’s trying to change, a place that is free of judgment then change seems to just happen.

Granted, there is something counterintuitive about supporting myself when my previous efforts have not produced change. I’m afraid that without the prodding, self-critical voice, nothing will happen.

Years of experience tell me it’s not true. The truth is that Carl Rogers was right, accepting myself where I am – with warmth and care, without judgment – is the first step in moving toward change. Has this been your experience?

With great warmth Heather

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