Do you relate?

I sure do. Not always listening to myself. Not trusting my intuition. ‘Knowing’ I need to say no and yet still saying yes. Worried I might hurt someone else’s feelings, or get left out, or that I may not get another chance.

And yet I was really abandoning myself. Not staying true to myself. To my truth. To my ‘knowing’. To what I need to self-care.

These days when that inner voice whispers to me, I am learning to listen to it. To pause, take a deep breathe and say ‘no thank you’, or if I can’t in that moment then say, ‘let me think about that and get back to you’.

To sit with the uncomfortable ‘after burn’ that can sometimes come when I say no. I am finding the gift of slowing down, of listening to myself and trusting in that.

The calmness, confidence and connection that comes with truly being myself. And it all begins with Compassionate Self-Awareness.

With great warmth


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