Lead Authentically from a place of Confidence, Calm and Connection.

Authentic Woman Leadership Program

Authentic Woman empowers women to enhance their leadership authenticity, leading to increased resiliency, confidence, calmness, connection and compassion.

We combine training in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion – all evidence-based and founded in the latest neuroscience and humanistic and leadership psychology research.

In today’s corporate environment of intense competition, increasing demands, competing priorities and more complex stakeholder relationships how we lead as individuals, and behave as a group of leaders, is the competitive advantage needed to both succeed professionally and feel personally fulfilled.

Leading authentically is no small thing. In fact, truly being ourselves is one of the most challenging and courageous endeavours we’ll ever undertake in life.

Why is this so? We now know from research if we want to be authentic leaders and have a meaningful life, we need to do the challenging inner work to become more self aware, have a strong ethical compass based on our beliefs and values, and do work that holds meaning for us.

And it all begins with Compassionate Self-Awareness.

This is the inner work. Being more aware of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the internal assumptions, patterns and beliefs that drive our daily choices and responses as leaders. What we value and what brings meaning and purpose to our work and lives. How we care for ourselves emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. How we create the life and relationships we truly want in the workplace. Beginning with our relationship with our self.

The reward? Living and leading from a deep sense of authenticity and meaning. Leading from a place of inner confidence, calmness, compassion, connection and empowerment.

This program is focused almost entirely on leading yourself. What does leading yourself have to do with becoming an exceptional leader? Everything.

Leadership is the ability to inspire and influence others. Authentic Leadership is relating to, inspiring and supporting ourselves and others in an authentic, courageous, and high integrity manner. We can’t do this for others until we can do it for ourselves.

Why is this program specifically for women?

According to research, leading with greater authenticity, instead of adopting personae based on other people’s expectations, unlocks significant leadership potential in women and accelerates their impact within their organisations.

By expressing more of who they are and their particular strengths, talents and character, women embrace a wider range of leadership characteristics needed to run a successful organisation in these challenging times.

In research interviews, women often described themselves as having lived ‘inauthentic’ or ‘divided lives’ in the workplace—essentially acting in a certain way to meet the norms and expectations set by others within male-dominant cultures. Many women expressed it this way: “I’ve forgotten who I am”.

With greater authenticity, due to deeper self-awareness and compassion for self and others, along with a clarified sense of purpose, women can more fully embrace the opportunity to become their authentic best and devote their full talents and capabilities to their leadership even in the face of cultural bias.

For women in particular, turning to a circle of friends for support in challenging times feels natural. What is the equivalent in women’s work lives?

This program creates small groups of women with whom they can be completely open and honest in sharing their joys, sorrows, fears and dreams. They will support each other in challenging times and provide invaluable insights that enable each to grow as authentic individuals and leaders.

Authentic Woman embraces the richness of understanding ourselves and who we are as leaders as a fully human endeavour.


Authentic Woman empowers female leaders to feel more confident, calm and connected. To truly be ourselves as leaders in today’s complex and ever-changing corporate environment.

This provides a deep and powerful level of self-awareness as to how you experience yourself and how others in the organisation experience your current leadership strengths and areas for growth.

Conducted in-house or ideally off-site.

Following the workshop, the group undertakes a 4-week online 1-hour per week group integration program, which also includes the content from the Online Authentic Woman learning and wellbeing program. This supports participants to integrate the practices and skills they have learned into their working lives. It also supports and creates continuity of the group experience and sets up ongoing collaboration and support for the female leaders in your organisation.


Organisations look to The Authentic Woman Authentic Leadership Program to empower their female leaders to improve their:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Confidence and Calmness
  • Authenticity
  • Leadership Presence
  • Connection and Collaboration
  • Resiliency
  • Overall wellbeing

“Leadership is not exerting power over others or exhorting them to follow you. Rather, it results from your example of empowering others to step up and lead. Leaders do that by learning to lead themselves, becoming self-aware and behaving authentically.”
Bill George, Fellow at Harvard Business School


The Authentic Woman Authentic Leadership Program is about transforming your leadership to become the kind of leader that you want to become and positively impacting the culture of your organisation for the long-term.

This work is transformative inner work and a very personal experience. To derive optimal value from this program, being open to sharing with fellow participants in a personal way is vital. To be able to trust, expose your fears, offer feedback, and accept others’ input with curiosity and an open mind.

All information you share will remain completely confidential and group guidelines will be in place to create trust and safety.

This Program

  • Is highly experiential and interactive.
  • Uses a brain science approach and evidence-based practices to develop emotional intelligence, mindfulness, self-awareness, compassion and authentic leadership skills.
  • Is also designed to create ongoing internal support groups for female leaders to deepen their relationship with each other and inspire and empower each other to continue to develop their authentic leadership.

The ability of a leader to be empathetic and compassionate had the greatest correlation to profitability and productivity.”
Christina Boedker, Australian School of Business

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