Authentic Woman Scholarship Fund

This fund has been created to support women who aren’t able to afford our Programs at this time in their life.

If you would like to apply to receive a donated Compassionate Self-Awareness Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself, simply write to us at describing your personal situation and why you would like to receive a donated Program.

A woman can also choose to donate a Program to the Fund. For all Programs donated Authentic Woman will match 1 for 1. If you wish to donate a Program simply write to us at and we will arrange this with you.

If you received a complimentary second Program when you purchased your Program simply click the reply button on the email you received for the complimentary Program and write ‘I want to gift my complimentary Program to the Authentic Woman Scholarship Fund.’  For all Programs gifted in this way Authentic Woman will match 1 for 1.