When I first consciously decided I wanted to live more authentically, I was not really sure where to begin.

I just knew I was sick of not truly being myself. I had been such a chameleon for so long. Such a people pleaser. So much of my energy had gone into worrying about what you would think about me, what answer you wanted to hear from me. Then one day I really understood what the incredible Brene Brown was talking about. It wasn’t about doing something big, some massive change, it was the small daily choices to reveal myself, to trust myself, to believe in myself, to respect myself, to speak my truth. To let myself be seen. Small, simple, but often not easy, as these choices went against everything I had been taught. Without my compassionate self-awareness practices I could never have learnt how to show up and be real and hold myself gently and kindly within that.

Warmly Jo

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