Thinking I need to be perfect at everything I do is such a deeply engrained belief in me, and yes, I find it super hard to give it up.

Even when I think I have, it sneaks back in. That quiet, usually critical voice inside my head that says ‘you didn’t get that right’, ‘you could have done that better’, ‘you should have said no’, ‘you should have said yes’, ‘you need to work harder at this’, ‘what’s wrong with me’. That part of me that feels I have to get it right, do it perfectly to be ok, to be loved. I am learning that it is my own acceptance and love that that part of me needs most. I often find I have much higher expectations of myself than others have of me. It is hard to make mistakes when you keep beating yourself up for them! Slowly though, I am giving up the need to be perfect. Sitting gently with the afterburn. Trusting myself and life. Becoming perfectly imperfect and authentically me. And wow, there is SO much freedom in that. So much more joy and ease. May we all give ourselves some love & acceptance today. May we all find freedom within ourselves.

With great warmth Jo

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