This quote holds so much meaning, reflection and insight for me.

What does it mean, as a woman, in this world, to be both strong and soft? I remember once asking my therapist ‘how do I look after myself and all that is important to me and still be gentle, soft, open and vulnerable’? It seemed so inconceivable to me, especially as I had experienced abuse at the hands of a man as a child, when I was gentle, soft and vulnerable. Soft hasn’t felt like a safe place for me to live from. Over time, slowly, gently, I have learnt to feel safe on the inside. To hold compassionate boundaries instead of walls.

To become clear on my needs and wants. To find my voice, without being defensive. To self-care. Now I am learning to soften within this, to trust myself, others & the flow of life. To ask for support. To embrace my femininity. To learn compassion for myself and for others. Being both strong and soft is the essence of who I am, of what it means to be free to Truly Be Myself. To be a conscious woman. Feels like a life long journey.


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