This is a relatively recent truth I’ve come to experience and embrace in my life.

When I’m gentle with myself, with my self-talk in particular, I feel more empowered and motivated. I know for too long I really believed that my internal judge played a crucial role in keeping me in line and on track. I was confusing self-compassion with self-indulgence.

Yet when I’m soft with myself, I’m much more likely to admit those areas of needed change because it’s emotionally safer to see myself clearly. I’m also taking more risks in my life – I recently moved, entered into a new, deeply loving relationship, and started a new business. Who wants to take risks in life when you know failure will be met with harsh self-judgment? It’s much easier not to try.

Now that I have more self-compassion, I’m more trusting that any failures will be met with kindness and support from myself. I more readily remember that failures are part of life and to learn and grow from them.


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