This is certainly my experience!

In fact what I’m about to say I don’t say lightly. Self-compassion is the most radically transformative practice I’ve used in more than 30 years of exploring and practising conscious living. It’s helped me cope with so many of the difficulties I’ve faced, ranging from the everyday challenges of a child’s tantrum, not being my best in relationships, feeling overwhelmed by all I have to do in a day; to larger challenges like financial struggles, relationship breakdowns and the loss of loved ones. It’s helped me to become kinder and more compassionate not just to myself but also to others.

In fact I don’t know of any other practice that’s changed me so much. One of the changes is being able to turn harsh self-talk into kind self-talk. Jo and I start filming the Compassionate Self-Awareness Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself, Be Yourself in a few days and understandably I’m experiencing some nervousness and fear. Along with this some harsh self-talk has kicked in. “What if I keep making mistakes, what if I’m no good at this, what will everyone think of me? I’m going to let everyone down.” Happily I caught this pretty quickly and turned it around for myself with kind self-talk, saying to myself ‘Sweetie it’s ok if you make mistakes, in fact you definitely will and that’s really ok. And, how I’m feeling is normal and appropriate as I venture into something new for myself. Also what anybody else thinks of me isn’t any of my business, and I’ve surrounded myself with this wonderful supportive conscious woman team!”

My self-compassion practice has helped me through my fears and insecurities and kept me on track with fronting up for the inevitable challenges of a meaningful life. I can’t think of any other ‘self-help’ that has supported me more than self-compassion. The next time your inner critic starts to speak to you think whether you would say those words to a loved one, a close friend, or yourself as a young child? How can you transform that harsh self-talk into something kind?

With great warmth Heather

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