I love this gorgeous quote. For me it talks gently to the quiet unworthiness that so many of us experience within ourselves, which can chip away at my sense of self & my inner confidence.

And it speaks to my feelings of shame and my inner critic who can get on the bandwagon with my unworthiness and give me a very hard time. Can tell me I am not enough. Not brave enough, not strong enough, not smart enough, not loveable enough. I feel sad as I write that. Sad that ever so quietly I can still feel that way about myself sometimes.

It was a great relief for me when I learnt that I was not alone in this, and that our brain is actually wired to focus on the negative. And my practice is to slowly re-wire my brain through Compassionate Self-Awareness.

To bring self-compassion and self-awareness to my inner critic, who is trying to protect me and keep me small and safe. To get clear on my innate strengths and values. To breath in the good. To focus on all I am grateful for in my life. To learn to really appreciate and value myself. To take a deep breath and then follow my heart, follow my dreams, take another step out into the world and continue creating a deeply authentic and meaningful life. And to remind myself that I am brave, I am strong, I am smart and I am very loveable and very loved.

May this quote remind you of this today too!

With great warmth


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