Like most people I want to be more compassionate, thoughtful and kind to others. 

The hardest part for me has been being kinder to myself first. We now know through research what we’ve always suspected: that in order to treat others better, we need to start by being kinder to ourselves. Because if we’re not operating within a mindset of fundamental compassion for our own struggles then we don’t develop adequate resources within ourselves to be able to give more to others. Being kinder to myself has been a journey, which unfolds every day in new ways. One important shift for me has been the daily practice of a gentle touch on my skin (maybe touch my heart centre or my forearm) while I say something reassuring to myself. The touch actually releases oxytocin and sets off a calming response in the body. I invite you to try this simple yet soothing practice this week.

Warmly Heather

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