These are words that hold deep wisdom despite being spoken by the TV character Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City.

Don’t get me wrong SITC has been one of my guilty pleasures; yet I somehow doubt Carrie understood the profound healing medicine that is self-love. Self-love has the power to manifest our dreams, to heal our broken spirits, to rejuvenate our fatigued bodies and minds. And in my experience when self-love is expressed through self-care, miracles happen.

A big part of my self-care is my morning ritual, which I’ve written about before here: However, and this is a big however, I have to actually DO my morning ritual on a regular basis for the medicine to work.

For almost three years now I haven’t missed a day, that’s right not one single day (and yes I’m noticing my perfectionist taking a little curtsy there but that’s definitely not what this is about). You see I have a little magic trick I use when I’m feeling tired or down or grumpy or my day simply feels too full to fit my morning ritual in.

Here it is: I envision driving home on a rainy night. I see a child standing in the middle of the road, all alone and shivering from the wet cold. Do I stop and help the child? Or do I swerve around the child and drive by? If I don’t do my morning ritual or at least one small part of it, I’m leaving that child alone in the rain. If I do those things, then I’m scooping up that child and taking her in my arms and caring for her. I haven’t abandoned her yet. And in so doing, I haven’t abandoned myself.

Can you relate? Do you have a ‘magic trick’ you use to motivate and support your self-care?

With great warmth


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