I like the courageous energy behind this quote and behind this woman, the invincible Tina Fey!

I’ve been channelling a bit of Tina this week as Jo and I faced an unexpected challenge from the legal world targeting Conscious Woman. The world of commerce and litigation can be an uncomfortable bedfellow for the work of personal transformation, for heart-opening, compassion-based work.

Neither Jo nor I are strangers to the commercial world, we’re not naïve. Yet there was a place in me that felt morally troubled by the outcome of privileging the commercial letter of the law over having a robust choice of offerings for women looking for inspiration and support in living an authentic and meaningful life.

I also realised just how emotionally attached I’ve become to the name Conscious Woman as it communicates in such an integrated and integral way my life’s purpose. It was hard to hold at times and I turned to my self-compassion mantra many times to soothe and support myself. And I turned to Tina’s ‘do your thing, and don’t care if they like it’ energy as well.

I’ve come to understand that my resilience comes from a balance of a good dose of self-compassion, my ability to soothe and comfort myself in moments of pain when there simply isn’t any way I can change this moment; as well as a good dose of tenacious belief in what is important and valuable to me!

Can you relate?

With great warmth


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