This quote really made me stop and reflect.

I have been on the path of creating a meaningful life for quite a long time now and when I reflect on this quote and when I am really honest with myself, I get how hard I sometimes find it to allow myself to ‘get lost in the wilderness of life’s beauty’. It can feel scary to get lost. Today it feels scary.

Creating Conscious Woman and in particular writing and filming our Online Program, with my incredible friend and business partner, Heather, is the culmination of our life’s work, of our life’s journey. It has really made meaning of my journey, of my life, both the wondrous parts and the difficult parts. And it has been a truly transformational and integrative journey all of its own. Some days I am so eager to get lost in the wilderness, the unknown, the mystery of embracing a meaningful life, of embracing all the uncertainty that comes with it. And all the beauty, the grace, the synchronicity, the surprises, the deep connections and meaning that come with it.

I could have stayed in what was a very ‘successful’ and stable corporate career but I wanted to do work and create a way of living that provided more meaning, more flexibility, an ability to be with my son more, to find more ‘balance’ (whatever that word means!) and live authentically, to listen to my heart and my longings. So yes, there are days I am more than eager to get lost in the wilderness and mystery to find a meaningful life. And there are other days, like today, that the uncertainty, the financial fear, the unknown, all feel like a lot to ask of myself. Today is one of those days I need to practice a lot of self-compassion. To be very kind with myself. To soothe the parts of me that feel scared, sometimes even terrified that maybe it will not work out. Today I will simply Be With these parts of me until they settle, until I feel my eagerness return. It takes courage to embrace a meaningful life. Are you eager to get lost in the wilderness of life’s beauty to find a meaningful life?

With great warmth Jo

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