Yes. Times Up. Times up for the crumbling Patriarchy.
And, Times Up for Us.

It’s time for us to find the courage to say ‘This is who I am’
In our full gloriousness and our human messiness.
It’s time to know our truth. To own our truth. To speak our truth. To live our truth.
To ignite and liberate our unique human potential.
It’s the collective work of women right now. To say Enough.

We have had enough of being conditioned by a culture that has not respected or honoured us.
We have had enough of not honouring and respecting ourselves.
Enough of playing small.
Enough hiding who we are and who we want to be behind our many masks.
Enough saying yes when we mean no.
Enough perfectionism and pleasing.
Enough of the fear that you will not like me, love me, accept me.
Enough of the fear of judgement, blame and shame.
Enough of being silenced and silencing ourselves, even subtly.
Enough of listening to the voice that says ‘who does she think she is’

This is who I am!

A new day is dawning
Its time

To be Courageous. To be Empowered. To Thrive.
To Know Yourself. Care For Yourself. Be Yourself.

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