To be honest I’ve never buried my passion beneath other people’s needs or anything else because I don’t have a passion.

I can say that now with my head held high. A few weeks ago I watched a life-changing video by the wonderful Elizabeth Gilbert about passion and curiosity. I’ve typically turned away from anything or anyone that sprukes that all I need to do is find my passion and the rest of my life will fall into place. Or that life isn’t worth living without finding and following your passion.

You see I’ve never felt a strong pull or drive towards anything in particular (except perhaps answering the question: ‘what is the meaning of life?’ but let’s not go there in this short post). I’ve often felt pressure to have a passion and always avoided answering the question ‘what’s your passion?’ as ‘I don’t have a passion’ somehow felt like failure. Gilbert talks about the “curiosity-driven life” and as soon as she used this phrase I felt known.

I’ve always been a curious human being interested in self-development, history, literature, art, travel, food, music, nature, and self-knowledge and I’ve wanted to learn about all of them and have; however, I’ve never felt a burning desire towards a single focus, a passion.

Gilbert says: “Instead of that anxiety about chasing a passion that you are not even feeling, do something that’s a lot simpler, just follow your curiosity.” I realised in that moment that’s exactly what I’ve done my whole life and I’ve been rewarded with a rich, diverse and fulfilling life. It’s not an easy path to take, for it’s not a clear straight line. For those who have found their ‘passion’ I honour this in you and know that equally this is not an easy path.

Can you relate?

Do you live a ‘passion-driven’ or a ‘curiosity-driven’ life?

With great warmth


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