Oh, how I needed to read this today.

As sometimes I forget! Especially when I am tired or stressed or when I am feeling a little sad, disappointed or lonely and my head starts to tell me ‘if only I lived near the beach, or ‘if only I lived closer to my girlfriends’, or ‘had more money’, or ‘wasn’t a single parent’ etc etc….THEN I would be completely happy, THEN it would be enough.

But I know this part of me well now. For this part of me, there is never enough. She doesn’t know how to feel satisfied. She is always searching. Slowly I have learnt that feeling satisfied is a truly delicious way to live in my life. And it takes practice!

To do this I was taught to practice acceptance and gratitude. Each morning, as part of my morning ritual, I set my intention for the day and I say thank you for all that I am grateful for. And each night as I slip into bed I write down 3 things in my day that I feel grateful for. I also write 3 things about myself that I appreciate (this can be very hard for my inner critic to do some days!).

Some days it feels like I am just going through the motion, I can’t feel the gratitude. Others it opens my heart immediately. I am still surprised at the power of this practice, how quickly and profoundly it can change my perspective on life.

It is also a beautiful practice around the kitchen table over dinner. My son and I both share 3 things that we are grateful for and one thing that felt hard or challenging in our day..we keep it real. The practice of gratitude turns what I have and who I am into enough.

May we all find some gratitude in our lives today.

With great warmth


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