These are hard times for many people.

Financially, there is fear. Socio-politically, there is uncertainty. In every corner and at every turn, it seems that things are changing and change is almost always very difficult.

Yet despite these hard times, I cannot help but feel that there is a lot of greatness that is emerging from creative and inventive people. From people who see hard times not as an excuse to retreat from one’s dreams but as the perfect opportunity to use one’s imagination, one’s unique gifts beyond the realities that we face.

There is little I can support in the current political climate and I notice because of this I am gaining even more clarity about what’s important, what’s meaningful, what’s real for me. Co-creating Authentic Woman comes from a very instinctive place in me.

To both aim at what these times need most – conscious, compassionate authenticity, and to more than ever remain true to myself feels like one and the same thing. What are these times arousing in your authentic self?

With great warmth


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