Imagine being an Authentic Woman, a woman who…

Knows and loves who she is
Feels comfortable in her own skin
Speaks her truth with compassion
Acts courageously, true to her unique self
Prioritises what’s important to her, with ease and grace
Honours her needs and unfailingly practices self-care
Takes care of herself mentally, emotionally, physically, financially
Holds her boundaries with an authentic yes or no
Embodies her femininity with her strength and gentleness
Knows that perfectionism is the enemy of her creativity and confidence
Knows her experiences of pain and loss as a source of wisdom and compassion
Creates the time and space to slow down, to thrive in her life
Shows up fully to all that arises within her and her life, even when it scares her
Recognises the patterns and beliefs created from her past and chooses to respond from the present
Accepts and forgives her imperfections and mistakes, and those of others
Lives in and appreciates her body, embraces her aliveness
Has freedom from her inner critic
Is her own best friend, always
Feels deeply satisfied with herself and her life
Imagine yourself as this Authentic Woman.

How does it feel to imagine yourself as this woman?

Perhaps feelings of calm, joy, empowerment and connection arise. Perhaps feelings of futility, loss, sadness and confusion. We’ve experienced all these feelings and more in discovering how to truly be ourselves.

Our biggest learning is that to truly be ourselves we must first KNOW and BEFRIEND ourselves.

Which is why we created The Compassionate Self-Awareness Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself.

This unique online course is based on brain science and proven ways to bring about inner and outer change.

It’s for women looking for inspiration, motivation and a step-by-step path for change towards more inner confidence, calm and connection for a more authentic and meaningful life. To thrive.

You can learn more here

With great warmth
Jo and Heather

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