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To Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself

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Imagine being an Authentic Woman

a woman who…

Knows and loves who she is

Speaks her truth with compassion

Acts courageously, true to her unique self

Takes care of herself mentally, emotionally, physically, financially

Holds her boundaries with an authentic yes or no

Knows that perfectionism is the enemy of her creativity and confidence

Knows her experiences of pain and loss as a source of wisdom and compassion

Creates the time and space to slow down, to simply be

Shows up fully to all that arises within her and her life, even when it scares her

Recognises the patterns and beliefs created from her past and responds from the present

Has freedom from her inner critic

Is her own best friend, always

Feels deeply satisfied with herself and her life

Feels empowered to thrive

Imagine yourself as this Authentic Woman.

Be Authentic

Feel Confident. Calm. Connected. Thrive.

Are you looking for inspiration, motivation and a step-by-step path for change towards more inner confidence, calm and connection?
To learn how to truly be yourself? To thrive?

You’re not alone!

The Authentic Woman Community was created to inspire all women to Truly Be Ourselves. To Thrive. There are now over 70,000 women from all over the world committed to this vision. To this quest.

Our biggest learning is that to truly be ourselves we must first know and befriend ourselves.

Which is why we created The Compassionate Self-Awareness Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself.

It’s a unique online training course that is based on brain science and proven ways to bring about inner and outer change. To empower you to Thrive.

Be Inspired and Empowered to…

Know Yourself

Know Yourself

Discover the thoughts, feelings, behaviour patterns and beliefs that shape your choices and block you from being authentic and thriving.

Care for Yourself

Care for Yourself

Care for yourself, as much as you do others emotionally, mentally, physically and financially.

Be Kind with Yourself

Be Kind with Yourself

Learn how to be your own best friend, to show yourself the same kindness, care and compassion you show to a good friend.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Connect with yourself and your tribe and be guided and supported to knowing your innate strengths and values to create an authentic and meaningful life.

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Lifetime access to video learning sessions, downloadable resources and a private community.

Evidence-based learning, tools, practices, private community, gentle wisdom, stories and support.

Incredible value at just USD $197

  • The Compassionate Self-Awareness program is WOW! The combination of teachers, content, knowledge, teachings, and experts is a blessing and a gift - one that I believe is essential for growth and truly becoming me! The expertise and personal experience Heather and Jo have shared to create this program is unlike anything else available that I’ve experienced. The program has taught me to actually embody self-compassion. I am using many of the learnings in my daily life and though the benefits are too many to list, the biggest benefit of all is that I’m spending more time thriving and in gratitude, than self-criticising. And this is truly liberating!"

    Laura, Australia

Why Compassionate Self-Awareness?

The coupling of self-compassion with self-awareness is now backed by brain science and can literally change your brain to empower you to create the authentic life and relationships you deeply desire.

Growing our self-awareness is the crucial first step towards living more authentically. Knowing the thoughts, feelings, behaviour patterns and the beliefs that drive our choices. Yet the challenging part about self-awareness is that it can be confronting.

Unless, and this is a BIG unless, we can treat ourselves with the same kindness, caring and compassion we show to a good friend. Compassionate self-awareness means we can clearly see ourselves AND bring about the inner and outer change we want.

We now know through brain science that self-compassion provides a powerful motivating force for growth and change. It creates the safety our brain needs.

This is an integrated and transformative way of knowing ourselves, of empowering, supporting and nourishing ourselves. Of thriving in our lives in a way that is aligned with our values and innate strengths, with our authentic self.

This program will inspire and empower you, step by step, to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself. To create a deeply authentic and meaningful life and fulfilling relationships. To Thrive.

Through evidence-based learning and tools, practices backed by brain science, a private supportive community, relatable stories and gentle wisdom; you’ll feel more inner calm, confidence and connection. You’ll thrive in a life that truly reflects your authentic self.

Your Teachers

Heather Albrecht

I’m a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher with a decades-long career in the corporate world that taught me much about the challenges of authentically being myself. I’m passionate about sharing the path of Compassionate Self-Awareness which has been, and continues to be, the most transformative path for living a deeply authentic and meaningful life.

Jo Wagstaff

I’m the mum of a teenage boy and spent 20 years in corporate leadership roles before embracing my own Compassionate Self-Awareness journey. I re-trained, studied psychotherapy and coaching and became a Search Inside Yourself Accredited Teacher. I am passionate about empowering all women to thrive. To find their voices, be themselves, care for themselves and create deeply authentic and meaningful lives.

Your Program Toolkit


22 Video Learning Sessions

High quality videos with evidence-based learning, tools, practices, gentle wisdom and stories with Authentic Woman Co-Founders Jo Wagstaff and Heather Albrecht.

Resources for Each Learning Session

Resources for Each Learning Session

Proven practices, tools, worksheets, books, reflections to support and empower your learning and experience.

Weekly Inspiration

Weekly Inspiration

Weekly emails to inspire and support you on your journey to authenticity – feeling more confident, calm and connected. To thrive.


Exclusive Authentic Woman Community Membership

Membership to the Authentic Woman Private Facebook Group, where you connect with your teachers and tribe to share insights, questions and experiences. Experience friend power versus will power.


Written and Audio Course Material

For each video learning session you will receive both a downloadable PDF transcript and audio file.

Compassionate Self-Awareness

Learning Modules and Sessions

Start and Finish the Program In Your Own Time

Module 1: Getting started

Session 1: Welcome and How to Get the Most from this Program

Module 2: Laying the Foundation for Authenticity

Session 2: It All Begins with Compassionate Self-Awareness
Session 3: Rewiring Our Brain for Authenticity
Session 4: The Two Essential Practices

Module 3: Know Yourself

Session 5: The Wisdom of Our Emotions
Session 6: Working with Our Busy Mind
Session 7: Rewiring Our Negativity Bias
Session 8: Knowing Our Behavioural Patterns

Module 4: Be Yourself

Session 9: Harnessing Our Strengths for an Authentic Life
Session 10: Aligning Our Values for a Meaningful Life
Session 11: The Need for Compassionate Boundaries
Session 12: Balancing Our Brain to Work For, Not Against Us

Module 5: Be Kind with Yourself

Session 13: Becoming Our Own Best Friend
Session 14: Surviving and Thriving In Our Toughest Times
Session 15: Self-Compassion: the Best Self-Help
Session 16: Breaking our Self-Criticising Habits
Session 17: The Big Shift: Self-Compassionate Living

Module 6: Care for Yourself

Session 18: Caring for Ourselves as Much as We Do Others
Session 19: Physical Self-Care to Thrive Not Just Survive
Session 20: Financial Self-Care to Truly Value Ourselves
Session 21: Empowering Ourselves with Financial Self-Care

Module 7: Integration

Session 22: Integration and Honouring

Authentic Woman

Compassionate Self-Awareness Program Summary

22 Video Learning Sessions

Resources for Each Learning Session

Weekly Inspiration Emails

Exclusive Membership to the Private Facebook Group

Written and Audio Course Materials

Lifetime Access to the Program

Start and Finish the Program In Your Own Time

Join us today

Lifetime access to video learning sessions, downloadable resources and a private community.

Evidence-based learning, tools, practices, private community, gentle wisdom, stories and support.

Incredible value at just USD $197

  • I recently completed the Authentic Woman course online. I do love a good online course and have done a few over the years. But Authentic Woman is in a class of it’s own. It is comprehensively developed and beautifully presented, it was an absolute pleasure to log on ever week. I felt like Jo and Heather were my own personal coaches supporting and encouraging me every step of the way. The supporting material like the eBooks and the homework are thoughtfully combined with the online learning materials. It was beyond my expectations in every way. This course delivers a deeply transformative experience that helps you create a more meaningful life if you truly commit to the process. Thank you Jo and Heather.”

    Leah, Australia

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