I laughed out aloud when I first read this quote. Do you ever worry about anything? 🙂. Feels like the story of my life sometimes!

And I have really put the spotlight on my worrying recently. Gently noticing, with as much self-compassion as I am capable of, all the different topics my thoughts can grab hold of and start worrying about.

They range from worrying about money, my son, members of my family, my friendships, my puppy, my business, my life, my to-do list and on and on it goes. At times the actual concern and the anxiety I feel is quite relevant and important, perhaps I do need to cut back on my spending or have a conversation I need to have, or take my puppy to the vet or do something urgent that is on my to-do list.

BUT, most of the time I have become aware that I am worrying about stuff that is not in my control. Or often things that are in the future and I don’t even know if there is anything to worry about yet. I am assuming the worse when I start worrying. And boy, do I rip myself off. I can make myself anxious and stressed out about something that may NEVER actually happen. Imagine the freedom that would come with not worrying about things that are either out of my control (which frankly is most things!) or about things in the future. Perhaps I could save my worrying until there is actually something to worry about!

I can really see that my worrying is a form of trying to feel in control, of avoiding the anxiety in my body. If I just think about it enough perhaps something will change or I will work out what to do, I will avoids the uncertainty that is part of life 🙂..mmmm…I dont think so. Perhaps there are actions I need to take or perhaps I simply need to practice letting my worrying thoughts go, bringing my attention back to the present, allow myself to feel the anxiety that is in my body and just BE WITH it until it settles, rather than feeding it with more worrying thoughts & self-judgement. AAhhh that sounds like a wonderful practice for me this week.

Would it support you too? 

With great warmth Jo

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