We’ve been deeply touched by your more than 200 responses to our question: ‘What does it mean to be an authentic woman?’

You cited qualities such as:

Being real

Being true to herself, wherever she finds herself

Speaking her truth and following her heart

Showing compassion to herself and others

Communicating her needs and taking care of herself

Setting and addressing boundaries, saying a genuine yes and a genuine no

Trusting herself and her inner wisdom

Accepting and embracing herself just as she is

Understanding her shadows, patterns and history and living from the present

Not comparing herself to others, knowing we are all unique and enough

Being and showing her vulnerability

Living by her values and focusing on what she cares about most

Standing in her power, even when others disagree

May we all know these qualities in ourselves. May we continue to inspire each other to truly be ourselves.

We have chosen a winning entry from Facebook and Instagram. The winner from Facebook is Bronwyn Douglas who wrote:

“I am being authentic when I choose to listen to my gut, my heart, my hurting body and respond and communicate to honour my truth, within my boundaries, and my limitations. It means I allow myself to be vulnerable so that I can open myself to intimate relationships based on honesty and trust. It means speaking up, saying no, saying I don’t know and asking for help. It means I live in my integrity in every interaction even if I have to touch my dark shadows and shame because that creates growth, that is where the beauty is.”

The winning entry from Instagram is Tabitha Foss who wrote:

To me it means to hold true to yourself your values and beliefs. To keep sacred space for yourself when you recognize that taking care of yourself is top priority you then can take care of others. It is believing in yourself your dreams your passions. It is staying strong when things are difficult and reminding yourself you can do it and you are worthy. It is knowing how to trust yourself and your judgment. It is having compassion for yourself and in turn you will for others. It is a knowing that beauty is a inside job and you are responsible for your own wellbeing and happiness. It is being able to build your own castle out of bricks others have thrown at you. It is staying humble and kind.”

Congratulations to our winners who receive two online Compassionate Self-Awareness Programs to Know Your Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself. One Program for themselves and one to gift to a girlfriend and share this transformative journey together!

With great warmth

Jo and Heather

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