This quote made me laugh, but I also so get the wisdom in it.

My mind can be the stage for so many different characters. Take love for example. There’s the one who just wants to love, the one who is scared to love, the one who has been hurt by love, the one who feels unlovable, the one who is puzzled by love, the one who is nothing but love…

When these characters get together the cacophony they create is astounding and very confusing. Of course one of these characters is always vying for the leading role. Lately it’s been the one who is scared of love. This one is cunning, as it doesn’t show up as fear but rather as the one who knows what’s best for me and logically and convincingly points out all the reasons this relationship can’t work.

When these characters don’t show up in their true form, I call them gremlins. Well this particular gremlin really got a hold of me and it felt so real and so right I was convinced this was my truth telling me to leave the relationship. I am forever grateful to my higher knowing who stepped in and whispered ‘GREMLIN!’ because another part of me was already starting to formulate an exit plan.

As soon as I heard that whisper I made an appointment with my therapist and together we gently and lovingly flushed out and got to know all the characters involved. Each one’s intention is to do the right thing by me, yet none of them are whole and complete in and of themselves and many of them are misguided or simply living out the past.

When I was able to find my seat in my higher knowing and watch the parade of characters I was able to discern what was the whole truth in this moment for my relationship and myself. I feel so grateful for my compassionate self-awareness upon which I’ve built my higher knowing. 

Can you relate?

With great warmth


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