I truly used to think that it was selfish to look after myself, particularly if it meant I had to prioritise that over somebody else’s needs or over my work.

And perhaps I have had to learn the hard way, which I must admit often seems to be the case for me, by literally burning myself and my adrenals out. It took a while, but I literally exhausted myself trying to care for everybody else and ignoring my own needs and happiness. And while I definitely don’t want to admit this, I think a tiny part of me was hoping that if I took care of everybody else, eventually someone would come along and take care of me. I have learnt the only person responsible for taking care of me is me. That doesn’t mean I don’t accept care and love from others. I am practising to receive that too! It just means that it is my job to love myself. To take care of myself and make my happiness a priority. And I have found the other people in my life are able to do that for themselves too. What a relief :-). When I look after myself fully – mentally, emotionally, physically and financially it then means I have a lot more energy to give to others from a place of true authentic care.

With great warmth Jo

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