I used to think of myself as being a good, a nice, and a selfless person who was considerate and accommodating of others. My beliefs about being this sort of person meant I had to act in certain ways to match this belief.

The reality was I wasn’t being true to myself.  My people-pleaser was running the show.

That’s when I decided to go from people pleasing to living life on my own terms. It wasn’t easy seeing all this about myself. Plus being a people-pleaser for so long had set me on a path of alienation from my innate, true self. So here I was faced with some very hard truths about myself and out of touch with who I truly was.

It’s been, and can still be, a challenging adventure of self-reclamation. I feel so much gratitude for my compassionate self-awareness practices.

I’m truly unsure I would have shifted this pattern and navigated my way back to myself without them. Can you relate?

With great warmth Heather

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