One of the most important ways I stay in a positive relationship with myself is with my morning ritual.

I love the morning. It has a special quality to it, a fresh beginning a pause before the day fully rushes in. I use this special time to greet and check in with myself every day.

My morning ritual has changed many times over the years depending on how much time I have and others in the household I have to consider. What hasn’t changed is starting my mornings with this special connection with myself.

At the moment my morning ritual unfolds like this: I mindfully make a cup of tea and sip it somewhere outside, the backyard or patio and take in the sounds and feeling of the day. I meditate. I write in my journal or read an inspiring poem or passage. I do a few yoga postures. I set my intention for the day. For example, may I know patience today, that recognition that things can only emerge in their own time.

Committing to a few positive morning rituals each day can significantly change your relationship with yourself. Can support you in feeling more confident, calm and connected.

What’s your morning ritual? Or what would you like it to be?

With great warmth


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