Do you ever look outside of yourself for your value? I sure do! Even though I have learnt that is not where I will find it, I often fall back into the trap of looking for it out there.

And I really get that this is a very normal and human thing to do. I was taught this in my family and my culture sends this message over and over. I have spent most of my life worrying about what other people will think of me.

Craving other peoples respect and love and yet rarely giving it to myself. Rarely even stopping to work out what I need to do or say so that I can deeply respect myself, so that I can deeply love myself, even if it goes against what other people might want. Getting super clear on my values and beliefs rather than focusing on yours. I especially go looking for my worth outside of myself. In how ‘successful’ I am, in how much money I earn, in what car I drive, in the size of my house, in how ‘good’ people think I am, in how ‘busy’ I am, all to try to justify my existence on this earth by doing rather than simply being. Because sadly somewhere deep down inside I don’t believe I am worthy of being here, of being loved, just as me. And in this, often prioritizing the wrong things, the wrong people.

When I am not caught up in my fear, in my busyness, in my driven-ness, I can practice valuing myself for simply being who I am, for just being another human being doing the best I can to live, love, learn and grow. In all my imperfections I am still worthy of love, especially my own.

May we all learn to deeply value ourselves for simply being ourselves and practice self-respect, self-worth and self-love this week.

With great warmth


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