Setting boundaries with others, especially family and close friends, has been challenging for me.

I wasn’t even aware of what a personal “boundary” was until my mid 30’s. I lived in the mainstream cultural belief that I was supposed to drop everything I had planned and meet the needs of others. If I did something for myself instead of doing something for others then I was being “selfish.”

I’ve learnt that practising self-compassion and being truthful in my relationships means saying ‘Can I get back to you?’ Creating time to check in with myself and when a ‘yes’ arises, I can say it wholeheartedly. And when a ‘no’ arises I understand why and can truthfully and compassionately deliver the ‘no’.

This has been one of the most profound shifts in my life towards living more authentically.

I invite you this week to pause and say ‘Can I get back to you’ the next time someone makes a request.

With great warmth


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