It sure does. And in my experience it is a never ending journey! Heather and I often talk about the idea of both ‘waking up’ and ‘growing up’ and how both are equally important for us to create deeply authentic and meaningful lives.

For me, waking up is about learning to live in the present moment. Becoming awake to my thinking and all the stories my head can tell me. Becoming more mindful, more compassionately self-aware of my thinking, feelings and behaviors and the patterns and beliefs that drive them. And yet, at times, I have watched myself and others use this process to ‘spiritually bypass’ the need for me to grow up.

I have sometimes used this as another way to numb out, to avoid my feelings, my hurts, my disappointments, my life! To be overly detached from life. In my experience, you’ve got to feel it to heal it. I have worked with a somatic (body) psychotherapist for years and I have been awe struck by the memories my body holds. Where my old wounds or traumas have literally become frozen in my body, ready to be triggered when the right event or person comes into my life.

It takes great courage to look at our pasts and see how our past continues to play out, particularly in our present relationships. And also in our beliefs and behaviours.

It takes great courage to feel your feelings and acknowledge your truth.

It takes great courage to become who you really are. To become your authentic self.

With great warmth


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