What does it mean to trust yourself?

The definition of trust as a verb is “to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something.” Through my life I have found, like many things, that trust is a process.

One of the biggest shifts towards building trust with myself has been becoming my own best friend. Being kind to myself has in surprising and powerful ways increased my inner self-confidence and significantly lessened my need for outside approval and reliance.

I now trust myself to practice kindness, not perfection. I trust I won’t give up on myself. I trust, because my values are now clear, that I will live through them. Growing my self-awareness – awareness of my thoughts, behaviour and feelings – has also increased my trust in myself.

I am more confident there are less parts of myself hiding in the shadows. More confident there is less that I do not see or choose not to see because even though these parts can be really challenging I trust myself now to be kind, or at least reasonably friendly, with them.

One very alive part of me at the moment that I am building trust with is my truth that I don’t want to push anymore. I don’t want that part of me that relentlessly pushes to be running the show anymore. Which quite frankly scares me, as living without this part of myself that has for years been behind my achievements AND my exhaustion, is very new. I’m just beginning to figure out what life is like without the pushing. Figuring out how things get done without the pushing.

What I do know for sure is that I am done with how I have been doing things and I am trusting that I will figure out what this means for me, and those around me, as I go. It’s not easy. It’s new territory and it’s hard to trust the unknown…so I trust what I know for certain – that I must find a new way to do the things I do, a new way of getting the stuff of life done – without the pushing.

Can you relate?

With great warmth


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