So do we! Today is International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is #beboldforchange. One of our actions at Conscious Woman is putting our financial support behind the work of the awe-inspiring and incredibly courageous Anuradha Koirala and her NGO Maiti Nepal.

We believe no woman can truly be empowered while others are being trafficked.

The first time we watched a video about her work, we cried and it isn’t any less painful the second or third time. It’s heartbreaking to imagine any young girl, young woman, being sold as a sex slave. It’s a heinous act. It has to stop. We want to do all we can to bring awareness to both the plight of these women and the work of Maiti Nepal. 30,000 girls/women intercepted, 1,200 traffickers convicted, 357 rape cases prosecuted, 9,765 mediation of domestic violence cases, 25,000 rehabilitation services rendered, 1,012 formal educations provided. If you want to join us, please go to their website to learn more

You may also be interested in the award Anuradha Koirala received from CNN Heros

With much sadness and hope, Jo & Heather.


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