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The online Compassionate Self-Awareness Program empowers you to feel more confident, calm and connected, to live a deeply authentic and meaningful life. Please leave your email to be notified when we launch and receive a very special launch offer.

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Go behind the scenes of the Compassionate Self-Awareness Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself, Be Yourself.

  • The Compassionate Self-Awareness program is WOW! The combination of teachers, content, knowledge, teachings, and experts is a blessing and a gift - one that I believe is essential for growth and truly becoming me! The expertise and personal experience Heather and Jo have shared to create this program is unlike anything else available that I’ve experienced. The program has taught me to actually embody self-compassion. I am using many of the learnings in my daily life and though the benefits are too many to list, the biggest benefit of all is that I’m spending more time thriving and in gratitude, than self-criticising. And this is truly liberating!"

    Laura, Australia

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